The Joy of Imperfection

Your life is a product of what you choose to believe. If you get an idea in your head and you truly  believe it, you can bet that it’s going to have an impact on how you feel about things, how you  interpret reality, and what you choose to talk about. It also has a strong effect on how you
emotionally respond to the things going on around you.
At the end of the day, the world doesn’t care about your feelings, that much is true. But it does  sit up and pay attention to what actions you take. It pays attention to what you do. And there is a  tight link between how you choose to feel about certain things in your life and how you behave.
If you change your emotional and mental habits, you change your results. When you change your  results, you change your destiny.
If you’re reading this, you are feeling discontented, frustrated and imperfect. You’re feeling way  down. You’re having a tough time accepting yourself. You have serious questions regarding where you  are, the decisions you’ve made, and what you’re about.

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