Power Mindset Mastery

Have you ever wondered who you really are?
What your life purpose is?
What are you really meant to do on this Earth, in this lifetime?
Do you feel that there is more to you and what you can offer?
If you are still searching for these answers, then you have come to the right place. The journey of self-discovery requires a lot of groundwork and can be daunting at times, as it involves revisiting a lot of your past experiences, choices and emotions. Therefore, this book will guide you through all the intricate details you require in your journey to unravel your true self. This includes identifying your personality, awakening your
spiritual dimension, learning to love yourself as well as embracing the change that comes. It will no doubt trigger confusion, doubt, and misunderstandings, which will force you to make decisions that will affect your life. However you need to trust the process as it is worth
taking and you will turn out to be an entirely different person from where you started off.
There is more to you than you think.

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