Living Paleo

Living Paleo can seem like a difficult challenge if you don’t know much about it. Like the Ketogenic diet or any other diet trend that has taken the world by storm, it can be difficult to differentiate it from the rest. However, there is one distinct and important difference between going Keto and living Paleo.

One is a diet that can actually kill you if you are on it too long because it physically alters your body and puts you into starvation mode, while the other is a very beneficial way to reframe your life so that you are focusing on doing things as naturally as possible to emulate the lifestyle our Paleolithic
ancestors might have had if they had more advanced technology.

If you want to begin going Paleo, then the first thing you need to do is take stock of where you are at right now and pick one small habit to begin to break. If you are addicted to fast food, for example, try your best to go a week without fast food.

Have a replacement recipe in mind that you already know you like and if you find yourself craving fast food, force yourself to think about that recipe instead and tell yourself you are going to go home and eat something much better than what you are craving.

Do this until it is your habit. Developing habits and holding yourself accountable to the choices you make is the most surefire way to succeed in any change, but especially when it comes to undergoing a new Paleo lifestyle.

Each and every one of us has the power to make these positive changes, and the book Living Paleo can help you to go more in depth about how to make these changes work for you, right now!


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